The use of meat flavoring powder in the culinary industry is becoming more and more popular. Because global consumers tend to limit the consumption of animal protein.

To meet that requirement while still keeping the delicious taste of food, many businesses have applied beef flavor in production. Find out more about this product with Win Flavor in the following article!


1. Food beef flavor

Beef flavor powder is a natural ingredient made from beef, with a rich round flavor structure, keeping the characteristic aroma of beef. Different from the fishy smell of raw beef, the taste of beef products is produced from cooked meat, so it has a more delicious and attractive taste. Natural flavoring also helps retain the nutrients found in meat such as B vitamins (B3, B5, B6 and B12), protein and fat.

Basically, this product is produced and processed into flavoring from cooked beef. However, there are many synthetic beef flavors that are made from artificial flavors, by synthesizing chemicals to create equivalent flavors.

Whether it is natural or synthetic flavor, beef flavor powder will still meet the flavor standards of manufacturers. With a thick flavor structure, this product not only makes food more attractive but also helps to retain the characteristic aroma of beef for a long time of storage.

Flavors in beef are created during cooking. Prestigious research and production units will carry out research steps and develop their own methods and processes based on the flavoring requirements of buyers (in bulk).

For example, in the flavor of vegetarian beef, substances such as amino acids and proteins in beef will be adjusted, mixed with starch hydrolysates and added some citric acid to reduce pH, moisture, … in order to retain the texture of the flavor, making a finished beef seasoning that can be used in vegetarian dishes.


2. Uses of beef flavor food

The use of meat flavor powder in the culinary industry and in daily meals helps to limit the consumption of animal protein. This is one of the reasons why this flavor has become so popular in the F&B market today. As a result of several recently published market reports, natural additives, including beef flavors, will be in mass consumption by 2025.

So what exactly are the benefits of this product? Win Flavor will help you answer this question in the section below!

2.1. Application in restaurant cooking

As can be seen, meat (both white and red) has an irresistible attraction for diners. It is an important dietary source of protein, has a distinctive taste and is prepared in a variety of ways. To create an attractive taste similar to fresh beef, restaurants can completely use beef flavor. Because, through the process of ripening and changing the compounds and acids inside, this product can achieve an aroma that attracts and satisfies diners.

You can use this product to marinate dishes such as meat and fish to increase the rich flavor of the dish. Or another good example is McDonald’s fries, which also use beef flavor to keep the delicious taste of the dish while still being able to limit cholesterol and saturated fat.


2.2. Beef seasoning in food processing

In order to create a natural fragrance for products and stimulate the senses and make products more attractive, F&B businesses often use powdered beef flavor. This product helps to create a natural light brown color for beef rolls and sweetness for pho broth, juice, seasoning seeds, spring rolls,…

In addition, when processing food, you only need to add beef flavor with other spices while blending to avoid odor loss. With stable quality, pleasant aroma and high temperature resistance, many families and restaurants have applied this product in daily food processing.

Beef flavor is included in the five flavors used to marinate savory dishes. Some types of seasoning also contain beef flavoring ingredients that are commonly used to prepare meals.


2.3. Producing canned and packaged goods

Canned food has become a trend in the F&B industry in recent years. Therefore, many brands have begun to move into this segment, making the competition high. In order not to be caught up in the market flow, businesses need to quickly improve the taste of their dishes to gain the trust of consumers.

Beef flavor will help you meet that requirement, because this flavoring makes food more flavorful and is especially suitable for vegetarians. In addition, consumers today also appreciate the nutritional content of canned foods. With natural beef flavor, nutrients are fully retained, ensuring good health for users.


In addition, this is also an important ingredient for the production of processed foods such as sausages, canned meat, snacks, instant noodles, ready-to-drink porridge, beef balls, rolls,… This flavoring will add flavor and taste to the dish and is suitable for use in the production of soup powder, seasoning seasoning…

The products made from beef flavor have been available on the market such as A-One beef noodle, Vifon instant noodle soup, Viet Sin beef ball, Tan Viet Sin, CJ Cau Tre, Acecook beef spicy noodle soup, Acecook , Vissan canned stewed beef, Vissan beef sausage, CP, Massan, etc. The reason why businesses use beef flavor products is because they are easy to store, have stable quality and help save production costs.

3. Buy beef flavor in HCMC

Currently, spices, meat, fish, shrimp and crab on the market are of unknown origin, very difficult to control and manage. One of the above-mentioned fragrance chemicals often contains aldehydes, which are potentially carcinogenic to consumers. Although this compound has been banned, some businesses still intentionally add it to enhance the flavor of their products.
Especially with products that are “hunted” by many businesses such as beef flavor, the percentage of poor quality flavorings is increasing. On the market there are many supermarkets, retail stores and online stores that sell this spice. The price can vary from 300,000 – 1,000,000 VND for 1 kg of beef flavor.

Therefore, F&B businesses need to carefully choose partners to supply input materials to ensure the health of consumers. Win Flavor is a company that produces additives, especially meat flavors, to meet the requirements of today’s F&B businesses.

With unique flavors and extracts, natural meat-flavored powder products are a good substitute for animal protein sources. Win Flavor’s natural flavors ensure to provide all the necessary nutrients for your product, in line with the current trend of healthy food consumption.

Our products can replace fresh meat products, because they have both a characteristic aroma and nutritional value from beef. In Win Flavor’s production process, beef flavor is produced from fresh, whole meat and high-tech processing to keep the complete and natural flavor structure.


With positive signals in the food additive market in general, especially in the natural meat flavor segment, F&B companies can boldly develop products from this flavoring in the near future. .

In particular, beef flavor with its characteristic scent and nutritious ingredients can completely help businesses make a difference compared to competitors. If you want to cooperate in developing meat-based products, contact Win Flavor today for the fastest advice!