With many years of experience in research and distribution of ingredients and flavors in the Vietnamese market, Win Flavor is constantly being a trendsetter and focusing on product quality.

    The success of your company serves as our motivation to always deliver the most appropriate, fast and targeted solutions!


    With many years of experience in research and distribution of ingredients and flavors in the Vietnamese market, Win Flavor is constantly being a trendsetter and focusing on product quality.

    The success of your company serves as our motivation to always deliver the most appropriate, fast and targeted solutions!


  • With a highly experienced research and development team, WIN Flavor provides its business partners with unique and high-quality flavor groups with diverse tastes that help food and beverage companies meet market demands and pioneer their fields with innovative and unique flavors and a stable source of supply.

    Among hundreds of flavor selections, sweet flavor products such as milk and fruit flavors are the most popular flavor groups in the flavoring market. With years of experience in this field, WIN Flavor is currently the largest and most diverse supplier of flavorings.

    Hương ngọt

    For the fruit and milk flavor group, our two main product lines offer nearly 200 different flavor options for customers to choose from:

    – Milk flavor: Over 18 synthetic flavor lines made from milk butter compounds, such as cake flavor, liquid and powder butter flavor, custard flavor, cream flavor, milk cream flavor, cheese flavor, yogurt flavor, condensed milk flavor, Yakult flavor, and more.

    – Fruit flavor: WIN Flavor currently distributes over 100 synthetic fruit flavor product lines with high safety standards that meet production, processing, and consumer goods standards, including 29 nut flavor lines such as black beans, barley, peanuts, roasted beans, green beans, brown rice, almonds, and more.

    All of these flavor lines come in various forms (powder, liquid, paste, etc.) suitable for many production, processing, and mixing methods for businesses.

    Most sweet flavor ingredients are directly sourced by WIN Flavor from leading brands around the world from countries such as England, Belgium, France, Japan,etc. Synthetic flavorings, in addition to meeting the market criteria of businesses, are also a preferred choice for their rich flavor, reasonable cost, and safety for the market.

    The packaging specifications will vary depending on the texture of the liquid, paste, or powder and the shelf life will range from 12 months depending on the storage environment and the ingredients of a specific flavor. However, with its reputation as a premium synthetic flavor brand, WIN Flavor always provides safe products for Vietnamese consumers.

    As a company specializing in R&D of flavoring products and formulas for the food and beverage industry

    WIN Flavor’s many years of experience in distribution and support for production and processing formulas have made it a leading partner in the flavoring and raw material market with maximum cooperation and support policies.

  • Savory flavors are a popular flavor line in the Vietnamese flavoring market with high applicability. They are widely used in the food industry, similar to the sweet and natural flavor lines, to enhance the taste and appeal of dishes or as seasoning for processed foods such as snacks, instant noodles, and dipping sauces in restaurants.

    At present, WIN Flavor has more than 50 different savory flavor products and is a natural extract ingredient supplier, providing flavorings for hundreds of brands in the Vietnamese market, with three main flavor lines: meat flavors, seafood flavors, and vegetable and herb flavors.

    – For the meat flavor line, WIN Flavor has 19 different products such as liquid and powder barbecue flavor, beef paste flavor, beef stew flavor, chicken flavor, chicken powder flavor, roasted chicken flavor, liver pate flavor, meat flavor, beef powder flavor, pork flavor, smoked beef flavor, and sausage flavor.

    – The seafood flavor line has 14 flavor products, including fish flavor, salmon flavor, tuna flavor, crab flavor, synthetic seafood flavor, oyster flavor, squid flavor, fish sauce flavor, rice fish sauce flavor, and shrimp flavor.

    – The vegetable and herb flavor line is the most popular line among spice and food brands, with over 31 different products such as tomato flavor, curry flavor, carrot flavor, garlic flavor, fried garlic flavor, onion flavor, fried onion flavor, sweet potato flavor, potato flavor, kimchi flavor, mushroom flavor, coriander flavor, five-spice flavor, soysauce flavor, seaweed flavor, and salted egg flavor.

    These flavors typically have a thick consistency and can withstand heat well in various forms such as powder, liquid, and paste, making them suitable for a wide range of production and processing needs.

    Hương mặn

    WIN Flavor always prioritizes the suitability and effectiveness of its products for its

    Savory flavors are chosen and directly distributed by WIN Flavor from reputable and high-quality food flavor brands around the world, such as those from the United States, France, Belgium, Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. These brands meet food safety standards and other processing standards in many countries.

    Most savory flavor products have a shelf life ranging from 10 months to 2 years, depending on the type of product and storage conditions. Companies in need of these products can refer to the flavor information on the website and contact WIN Flavor for detailed information on packaging volume, application research, and import procedures.

  • Natural extract is a solution extracted from various parts of plants such as leaves, flowers, stems, roots, etc. With qualities that are friendly and gentle to the skin and human health, products containing natural extracts are favored by many consumers.

    Not only in Vietnam but also worldwide, chemical products are gradually being replaced by products labeled “Natural” or “Organic”. This trend is particularly evident in facial and body care products such as cosmetics, bath milk, face wash, etc. Depending on the extraction formula, processing and treatment of natural extracts, products made from tea, flowers, vegetables, roots, mushrooms, etc. are divided into different functional groups, offering many applications in production.

    However, during the optimization of finished products, these compounds may undergo processing with some chemicals or be blended with chemicals in consumer products. To protect the safety and health of users, applying businesses need to thoroughly research the formula and blend of ingredients to produce a product that best suits the public.

    Chiết xuất tự nhiên

    Products with natural extracts require careful and systematic formula research

    WIN Flavor is currently a distribution partner for hundreds of natural extract products for many Vietnamese businesses in the pharmaceutical-cosmetics and food sectors, with the following main natural extract groups:

    Tea and herb extracts: Over ten types of fully imported and safe raw materials for consumers such as chamomile extract, wild chamomile extract, Roman chamomile extract, black tea, cocoa, etc.

    Plant extracts with many functions and applications in consumer production such as milk thistle extract, turmeric extract, white bean extract, ginkgo, rehmannia, Polygonum multiflorum, ginger, blueberry, etc.

    Mushroom extract – a popular source of raw materials for pharmaceutical and functional food companies. At WIN Flavor, the current distribution includes extracts of lingzhi mushroom, shiitake mushroom, enoki mushroom, Cordyceps sinensis extract, dancing mushroom, chaga mushroom, etc.

    Chiết xuất tự nhiên

    WIN Flavor is a reputable and potential partner for natural ingredients

    With many years of experience in the Vietnamese market, WIN Flavor is confident as a leading partner in providing consulting solutions and researching formulas and natural food and flavor ingredients for a diverse range of products, meeting all production criteria and consumer preferences in Vietnam.

    All natural extract products at WIN Flavor meet certification standards for safety, hygiene, and other inspection documents, allowing businesses to invest in their expertise and product development with peace of mind.

  • Organic powder is one of the common ingredients in many industries, especially food and pharmaceuticals. Understanding the importance of natural products and the increasing preference for these products by consumers, WIN Flavor is focused on improving the quality of natural extract powder products.

    Organic powder is a widely used raw material in many products

    It is the end product of the processing and natural spray drying process, minimizing unnecessary preservatives and preserving the integrity, safety, and minimal alteration of the raw material. Therefore, natural powder products always have good quality and meet the strict requirements for raw materials of health care, beauty, and premium food brands.

    With over 10 years of experience in the natural food ingredient and flavor industry, WIN Flavor is the most suitable partner for your business. We currently import, process, and distribute over 15 different products extracted from main ingredients such as:

    • Vanilla powder, cocoa powder
    • Fruit powder: orange, lime, calamansi, kumquat, peach, strawberry, watermelon, guava, apple, mango, banana, etc.
    • Tea powder, coffee powder
    • Honey powder, natural ginseng powder

    Bột tự nhiên

    WIN Flavor is a leading provider of a variety of food ingredient products in Vietnam

    As a supplier of raw material and flavor products for hundreds of businesses in various processing and manufacturing fields in Vietnam, WIN Flavor can provide you with the most suitable natural extract ingredient solutions that meet your quality requirements and business goals.

    Our products are always committed to and guaranteed to meet the criteria for finishedproducts, with a stable and consistent supply source and the most competitive prices in the market. With their diverse qualities, natural powder products at WIN Flavor can be used for:

    • Organic cosmetic ingredients
    • Pharmaceutical ingredients
    • Food ingredients (canned food, ready-made meals, spices, etc.)

    Contact us now to find the most suitable and optimal raw material and flavor solutions for your business, helping you to dominate your market.

  • Collagen is a protein-rich compound in the human body, with a function of building the structure of body cells such as the circulatory system, retina, skin, bones, and nerves.

    In our bodies, collagen accounts for 70% of the dermis layer of the skin, 20% in bone structure, 50% in joint structure, and nearly 100% of the retina. For this reason, collagen is the “star” in every ingredient list of body and beauty care products.

    Currently, collagen is mainly produced from animal skin and tissue components. Through a technological process, the raw materials are cleaned, mineralized, sterilized, and undergo enzyme hydrolysis. Then, the compound continues to be purified, sterilized, and undergoes a second sterilization process. The finished product is collagen peptide powder – a sought-after ingredient by hundreds of brands.

    Collagen is a highly sought-after ingredient in the beauty industry

    Due to the biochemical properties of collagen as well as the weight ratio of this component in the human body, it is a beneficial enzyme for the process of caring for, nourishing, and restoring the body:

    – For the skin: it prevents skin aging with the ability to improve moisture, maintain healthy skin structure, especially for those over 25 years old. Many studies have shown that adequate collagen supplementation helps users have firm, youthful skin with good elasticity.

    – Maintain body firmness: Collagen nourishes and maintains the firmness of muscle bundles, the foundationof a firm, healthy body when combined with exercise.

    – Bone and joint health: as collagen accounts for 50% of the joint structure, it is the factor that keeps the joints cushioned and smooth. Therefore, collagen often appears in the ingredient list of drugs for treating joint inflammation.


    WIN Flavor carefully selects and refines collagen raw materials to optimize production formulas

    With the above functions, Collagen Peptide is mainly applied in the health-beauty industry in the pharmaceutical-cosmetics, functional food, and body-care product manufacturing sectors.

    Currently, WIN Flavor is a reputable supplier of collagen raw materials for manufacturers with stable prices, regular supply, and high quality. The raw material has good heat resistance and retains its properties and value through many processing stages.

  • Natural flavoring ingredients are food flavorings derived from natural sources such as plants, animals, nuts, and vegetables. These flavors are obtained through physical processing, extraction, separation, and pressing with longer production and stricter quality control processes compared to synthetic flavors, resulting in higher prices. As a result, natural flavors are often the preferred choice for premium products and high-end brands.

    Hương tự nhiên

    WIN Flavor carefully selects and imports natural flavoring products from various sources to distribute to businesses, including:

    – Natural fruit flavors: avocado, orange, passion fruit, cherry, strawberry, peach, banana, pineapple, watermelon, etc. in diverse flavor forms such as powder, liquid, and concentrate that are suitable for various production and output purposes.

    – Natural animal-based flavors such as shrimp, meat, pork, beef, swallow’s nest, seafood, fish, etc. are produced using various methods, but the most popular product line is the powder form due to its versatility and good preservation properties.

    – In addition, there are also other natural flavor lines such as vanilla, matcha, honey, seaweed, fish sauce, ginseng, milk, green tea, wasabi, etc. that have been chosen by many restaurants, consumers, and food manufacturers from WIN Flavor for many years.

    WIN Flavor meets diverse flavor requirements with consistent quality and meets the production criteria of businesses

    We are a trusted partner in importing and distributing diverse natural flavor lines with high efficiency in the culinary industry, ensuring food safety and meeting various standards in consumergoods, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical products. Our product lines are carefully selected and imported from prominent brands in the United States and European countries such as Germany, France, Belgium, etc., suitable for different production and food processing needs.

    The natural flavor lines at WIN Flavor typically have a shelf life and usage period ranging from 8 months to 12 years, with a blending ratio ranging from 1-15% depending on the type and amount of processed products. We guarantee to provide new products to businesses and implement a return policy for manufacturer defects. Each product structure has diverse packaging specifications based on the brand and usage needs of the businesses.

    Để biết thêm thông tin chi tiết về quy cách sử dụng, phối trộn, doanh nghiệp vui lòng tham khảo thông tin của các loại hương liệu cần biết và liên hệ với WIN Flavor để được tư vấn thêm thông tin.

  • In the production of canned juices, fruit juice are the most important component. While fresh fruit juice provides freshness and flavor to consumers, it is not optimal for large-scale production and preparation. The reason is that processing fresh fruits takes more time, labor, and costs, and it is difficult to ensure consistent quality in the final product. Therefore, industrial fruit juice ingredients are preferred.

    Nước ép trái cây

    Processed and raw fruit juice

    Although they are all produced from various fruits, in the beverage and food ingredient market, fruit ingredients are commonly divided into three main groups:

    Fruit Puree is a crushed fruit form that still contains fruit pulp. Among the product groups, Puree is the raw fruit juice ingredient with the most unique aroma, color, and flavor due to the presence of original fruit pulp. This ingredient is often found in bottled juices with pulp.

    Fruit Concentrate is made by grinding fruits into a fine pulp and then removing some of the water to increase concentration, reduce water weight, and increase flexibility in storage and transportation. In Concentrated products, the dry concentration ranges from about 80% and needs to be stored in a cool environment below 20C.

    Nước ép trái cây

    Squash is pure condensed syrup from fresh fruit juice. Among the fruit ingredients, Fruit Squash is the most optimized product for many formulas and processing methods because it has been rounded and flavored with some sweeteners, as well as flavorings and coloring agents. Businesses only need to put it in the formula and process it without much adjustment compared to FruitConcentrate and Puree.

    WIN Flavor is a company that can supply a variety of high-quality fruit ingredients. Squash, Fruit Concentrate, and Puree with different flavors are available, with Squash being the most optimized for various beverage formulas and processing methods. With over 100 business partners and 500 research and development projects in the F&B industry, WIN Flavor has years of experience in the Vietnamese market, providing quality, reputable products with necessary product certifications.

    In addition to supplying fruit ingredients, WIN Flavor also helps businesses research and optimize formulas to create the best products for the consumer market.

  • Non-dairy creamer also known as plant milk powder, fat powder, is a crucial ingredient in food production: cakes, candies, beverages, ice cream, milk, various seasonings, and sauces, etc. This is a type of powder ingredient, ivory white with a slight yellow hue and a naturally rich and mildly aromatic taste. It is used to substitute for animal-derived milk powder, supplement fat content, and save costs, and it has a wide range of applications.

    The non-dairy creamer products at WIN Flavor are meticulously selected for distribution in the market:

    – The products supplied by WIN Flavor are sourced from Malaysia, ensuring excellent quality, a delightful aroma, and rich creaminess that few nations can compete with in terms of quality.

    – Our products have been rigorously tested and have obtained certifications for food safety management, including FSSC 22000, HACCP, GMP, Halal, UKAS, etc.

    – The products are sourced without the use of genetically modified plants, free from trans fats, cancer-causing Melamine, cholesterol, and preservatives. Additionally, with its mildly sweet profile, low Glycemic Index (GI), and absence of Lactose, our product aids in blood sugar management, making it suitable for individuals with diabetes and those on restricted diets without compromising their health.

    – Businesses can flexibly incorporate these products into a wide range of popular beverages and dishes, such as instant coffee with milk, milk tea, jelly desserts, sauces, various pastries, and bakes.

    With years of experience in researching and developing flavorings, working with over 250 clients, WIN Flavor takes pride in being a reputable entity in distributing high-quality non-dairy creamer. Each product we offer is ensured to meet food safety standards and is applicable across a variety of products in the F&B industry.

    For more detailed information on instructions for use, mixing, and preservation, please refer to the information on the types of flavors you need to know and contact WIN Flavor for further advice.


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Win Flavor is a top partner for importing and distributing ingredients and flavors in Vietnam. We continuously invest in and raise the quality of our services, delivering completed goods to satisfy even the most stringent production and processing requirements.


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