Fruit juice

Fruit juice

In the production of canned juices, fruit juice are the most important component. While fresh fruit juice provides freshness and flavor to consumers, it is not optimal for large-scale production and preparation. The reason is that processing fresh fruits takes more time, labor, and costs, and it is difficult to ensure consistent quality in the final product. Therefore, industrial fruit juice ingredients are preferred.

Nước ép trái cây

Processed and raw fruit juice

Although they are all produced from various fruits, in the beverage and food ingredient market, fruit ingredients are commonly divided into three main groups:

Fruit Puree is a crushed fruit form that still contains fruit pulp. Among the product groups, Puree is the raw fruit juice ingredient with the most unique aroma, color, and flavor due to the presence of original fruit pulp. This ingredient is often found in bottled juices with pulp.

Fruit Concentrate is made by grinding fruits into a fine pulp and then removing some of the water to increase concentration, reduce water weight, and increase flexibility in storage and transportation. In Concentrated products, the dry concentration ranges from about 80% and needs to be stored in a cool environment below 20C.

Nước ép trái cây

Squash is pure condensed syrup from fresh fruit juice. Among the fruit ingredients, Fruit Squash is the most optimized product for many formulas and processing methods because it has been rounded and flavored with some sweeteners, as well as flavorings and coloring agents. Businesses only need to put it in the formula and process it without much adjustment compared to FruitConcentrate and Puree.

WIN Flavor is a company that can supply a variety of high-quality fruit ingredients. Squash, Fruit Concentrate, and Puree with different flavors are available, with Squash being the most optimized for various beverage formulas and processing methods. With over 100 business partners and 500 research and development projects in the F&B industry, WIN Flavor has years of experience in the Vietnamese market, providing quality, reputable products with necessary product certifications.

In addition to supplying fruit ingredients, WIN Flavor also helps businesses research and optimize formulas to create the best products for the consumer market.

Fruit juice


In beverage and food ingredient preparation, Puree & Concentrated are common fruit juice ingredients that bring sweet and unique fruit flavors to the final products. These ingredients are processed from fresh fruits and retain 70%-95% of the original ingredients and their natural essence. Among them, Puree is a type of fruit juice processed 100% from fresh, natural fruits. The processing method results in a final product with a dry concentration ranging from 20%-40%, and it still contains a lot of fruit pulp and seeds. Concentrated, on the othe…View detail


Both puree and concentrated fruit juice ingredients are directly processed from fresh, natural fruits. They are usually thicker in texture and contain fruit pulp and seeds. Squash, on the other hand, is a liquid product with no fruit pulp or seeds, also known as syrup. It is commonly used in beverage preparation at the counter and has already been processed and blended with flavoring agents, sweeteners, etc., making it a ready-to-use ingredient. This type of fruit is also widely used in bottled beverage production. WIN Flavor, with years of experience…View detail



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