1. Sales Policy

At MQ International Company Limited, we are committed to the following:

– All flavoring products have clear and transparent origins, imported from reputable manufacturers worldwide.

– We strictly prohibit counterfeit, imitation, and low-quality products.

– All imported and distributed shipments by MQ International Company Limited undergo quality testing at reputable inspection units which are approved by the government.

– We provide guidance to customers in selecting the most effective products for their specific needs.

– All products sold are accompanied by value-added tax (VAT) invoices and relevant certificates and information.

2. Shipping Policy

Methods of delivery and service provision

Customers can receive their orders from MQ International Company Limited through the following methods:

2.1 Receiving goods directly at MQ International Company Limited

– For customers who come to purchase goods at MQ International Company Limited, the goods will be handed over directly at the office.

– Please carefully inspect the goods, cross-reference them with the delivery documents, sales invoices, and product quality standards (if available) before accepting them.

– Customers have the right to request sales staff to present the necessary documents if they have not been provided in a timely manner.

2.2 MQ International Company Limited staff delivers goods directly to the customer’s address

– For customers in Ho Chi Minh City, MQ International Company Limited staff will deliver the goods to the requested address.

– The delivery time is within 3-4 days if the items are available.

– The Sales department will contact you in advance to arrange the specific time and location for the delivery.

– Please thoroughly inspect the goods before accepting them from the delivery staff. If there are no issues, please accept the goods and sign the delivery note.

– Customers need to sign the delivery note and make a full or partial (if a deposit has been made) payment to the delivery staff in cash (or via bank transfer if available) for the purchased goods (including the value of the goods and shipping fees, if applicable).

– In case the goods are not available in stock and the company has to import them, the sales staff will contact you to re-negotiate the delivery time.

2.3 Delivery Service

– In cases where MQ International Company Limited staff cannot directly deliver the goods, or when the delivery location is in remote districts or provinces, we will authorize reputable courier companies such as VNPT, Viettel, Grab, or other reliable providers.

– When placing an order, please fill in the necessary information accurately and completely as required to create the most favorable conditions in the delivery of goods as well as payment. We will not be responsible for delays or losses in delivery due to inaccurate information provided by the customer.

– Please thoroughly inspect the goods immediately upon receiving them from the courier. If there are any issues regarding the type, quality, or quantity of the goods which do not match the order, please inform us immediately so that we can coordinate with the courier company for review.

– The delivery time depends on the courier service chosen, such as express delivery, standard delivery, or economy delivery. Below are estimated delivery times:

+ Express delivery: 2 to 4 days.

+ Standard delivery and economy delivery: 4 to 10 days.

2.4 Delivery via cars at bus stations

– Usually, this form of delivery will be applied to customers in districts, provinces who live far from the center, or you have acquaintances, close friends, or trust commuting by cars.

– MQ International Company Limited will deliver the goods to you via the transport vehicle as required.

– Please provide us with the correct information about the garage: Name of the garage (name of the car), full name of the owner (or driver, assistant), license plate, time of arrival and departure at bus stations, etc., and some other information.

– Please pay the full value of the order before MQ International Company Limited delivers the goods, or the owner (home) of the car will pay the entire value of the order before receiving it. At the same time, you should ask the vehicle owner (who receives goods from MQ International Company Limited) to carefully check the goods before receiving them.

2.5 In case of delay in delivery or service provision

– Time, place of delivery, and shipping fee (if any) are agreed upon for each specific order.

– When there is a problem that affects the delivery process or there is a change in the delivery time, MQ International Company Limited will immediately notify the customer so that the two parties can negotiate a solution in a timely maner. Customers have the right to cancel orders if MQ International Company Limited’s delivery does not meet the agreement of the parties.

– Customers who have placed an order but delay the receipt of goods in any way, MQ International Company Limited have the right to send the remaining goods to the customer as long as there is a written notice to the customer at least 15 days before the date of dispatch of the goods. The customer is obliged to pay the company the full value of the shipment and any storage and warehousing costs incurred as a result of this delay.


Thank you for your attention!