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Chill Out With These 2018 Ice Cream Flavors

Ingredient and flavor provider Parker Products has released its 2018 feature flavors for ice cream.

Developed by Parker’s R&D department and marketing team, the flavors highlight popular ice cream flavor trends. The flavors were created by reconstr­ucting chef-inspired treats and taking into consideration popular on-trend tastes. The flavors include:

  • Pineapple Lime Bar.A novelty flavor that consists of a pineapple sorbet base, covered in dark chocolate and sprinkled with pink peppercorn.
  • Southern Charm.Starting with a caramelized sugar base, the flavor adds in cracker candy pieces, honey pecan and a whiskey sauce for a Southern kick.
  • Circus Animal.This flavor features a pink sugar cookie base, sugar cookie pieces and confetti icing.
  • Heavenly Hash.Taking after the classic dessert, the flavor features a brownie batter base and combines it with marshmallows, chocolate flakes and brownie fudge.
  • Cold BrewSimilar to the popular beverage category, the flavor is a coffee ice cream base, topped with chocolate-covered coffee beans and caramel coffee creamer.

Ice cream consumers look for flavor above everything else,” said Greg Hodder, president of Parker. “At Parker, we love putting together intriguing flavor combinations that will inspire our customers to create products consumers crave.”


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