Roasted bean flavor powder is extracted and distilled from naturally roasted beans, creating a highly distinctive aroma with a rich and rounded scent.

Key distinctive features: Authentic, distinctive, and heat-resistant roasted bean aroma.

Trend of using roasted bean flavor: In today’s society, consumers increasingly desire products that are not only delicious but also provide nutritional value. Beans are considered a versatile ingredient that can meet market demands, offering exceptional nutritional values. They are excellent raw materials for various food products such as milk, cakes, and beverages.

Applications of roasted bean flavor: Bean water, red bean-filled mochi, soy milk, etc.

Considerations when using roasted bean flavor: Store in a dry, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, at room temperature of 25°C.

Advantages of roasted bean flavor powder at MQFlavor: The powdered roasted bean flavor is distinctive, natural, and heat-resistant. The formula is developed by experts in food flavor, maximizing the advantages of natural aroma. The product is accompanied by quality and origin certificates, imported from leading food flavor houses worldwide, such as France, Belgium, the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

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MQFlavor is a premium supplier of imported food flavor from European countries, the United States, South Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.

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