Chicken meat has long been a familiar ingredient in daily meals, creating delicious and nutritious dishes. Nowadays, with advanced technology, businesses can extract natural chicken flavor that retains the characteristic taste and beneficial nutrients for health. Let’s explore more details about this product in the following article by WIN Flavor.


1. Overview of chicken flavor

Different types of meat have different nutritional values. According to nutrition experts, besides albumin and fat, chicken meat also contains a high amount of vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, and iron. Due to these nutrients, chicken meat is considered a nutritious and healthy food. It helps reduce the risk of colon cancer, prolongs lifespan, benefits the cardiovascular system, prevents depression, supports dental and bone health, and boosts the immune system.

Because of the aforementioned benefits, this type of meat is considered one of the important food items for daily nutrition. Extracted from natural meat, chicken flavor not only possesses a distinctive taste but also preserves the beneficial nutritional components for health.


Compared to the natural meat flavor, this product is believed to have better stability. The taste of chicken meat can be influenced by factors such as breed, diet, aging process after slaughter, cooking methods, etc. Additionally, fresh meat is more susceptible to quality deterioration due to oxidation, resulting in different flavors.

Chicken flavor originates from meat that has been cooked and undergone the thermal degradation of lipids, creating aromatic compounds. This is the factor that gives this flavor a distinctive taste and an appealing aroma. The form, taste, and texture of this product easily meet the production requirements of businesses.

To meet the diverse needs of the F&B industry, flavor experts have developed various related products such as chicken flavor powder, seasoning powder, chicken extract, complete chicken seasoning, etc. These spices have high applicability and are easily used in production.

This flavor has a taste somewhat similar to bread but with a rich and sweet flavor, a dense and moist texture, and a higher protein content. Similar to the taste of pork or beef, chicken flavor powder is the perfect combination of saltiness, sweetness, and the natural aroma of fresh meat. Therefore, this product is widely used as an ingredient in many industries, especially in food production and processing.


2. Functions of poultry flavor in food technology

Poultry flavor is an ingredient applied in various products of the F&B industry such as:

  • Snacks

To create a delicious aroma and attractive color for the products, brands often use poultry flavor combined with other seasonings like salt, sugar, flavor enhancers, chili powder, onion powder.

Familiar products that apply this flavor include Poca chicken-flavored snack, Swing teriyaki chicken-flavored snack, Jojo grilled chicken-flavored snack, Tonies BBQ chicken-flavored snack, etc. This familiar flavor is always favored by consumers for its delicious and diverse taste.

With poultry flavor powder, businesses can easily create different formulas by changing other seasonings such as teriyaki, BBQ, spicy chicken flavor, and hundreds of other enticing recipes to serve customers.

  • Instant noodles/packaged pho

The attractive flavor in packaged foods is mainly created by seasoning packets. Besides essential ingredients like salt, sugar, poultry flavor also contributes significantly to the aroma and taste.

The products will have the distinctive aroma of natural chicken meat with a rich and appetizing sweet taste. Furthermore, the application of poultry flavor in production also helps businesses save considerable costs and production time.

Because extracting the flavor from natural ingredients while maintaining its aroma requires modern machinery and research time. When using poultry flavor in food products, businesses can easily mix it with other ingredients, saving significant costs and research time.

Prominent brands like VIFON, Acecook, Miliket, Red Bear, 3 Mien, have all introduced packaged noodle products that utilize this flavor. It can be seen that the taste is always well-received by consumers.


  • Seasonings

Curry powder, five-spice powder, meat seasoning powder, chicken pho seasoning, etc., all use powdered chicken flavor to create a natural taste. Instead of using chemical compounds to create the flavor, this type of flavor helps preserve the nutritional components of the ingredients and is entirely safe for consumers’ health.

  • Used in restaurant chains and cuisine

In addition to production applications, poultry flavor is also directly used in food preparation. Dishes like pho, noodles, chicken hot pot, grilled and stir-fried dishes can all benefit from the addition of chicken flavor to enhance their rich taste.

High-end restaurant chains aim to improve the quality and ensure the nutrition of their dishes for customers, so they incorporate this product into their cooking formulas. The flavor does not alter the existing structure of the dish but instead helps create an enticing aroma and appealing color.

Furthermore, the use of flavor also allows restaurants to diversify their menus. This ingredient is an alternative to using homemade extracts from fresh meat to maintain the stable flavor of the dish.


3. Finding high-quality chicken flavor for food

To find high-quality chicken flavor for food, businesses should choose reputable distributors. Currently, there are many brands on the market offering this product at different price points. However, to ensure the flavor meets standards, it is advisable to select a trusted distributor.

At WIN Flavor, our chicken flavor for food is extracted from natural components of boiled, fried, or grilled chicken, with a well-rounded and rich flavor profile that preserves the distinctive aroma of the product. The notable features of our product are its natural taste and good heat resistance.

As a result, businesses can easily use our product to manufacture sausages, pho broth, marinades, and value-added chicken products. Moreover, WIN Flavor’s chicken flavor retains the nutritional content, ensuring the health aspect that many consumers are concerned about.

Furthermore, our formula has been developed by food flavor experts to maximize the advantages of natural flavors, accompanied by clear certifications of quality and origin. The raw materials are directly imported from countries such as France, Belgium, the United States, South Korea, ensuring delicious taste and appealing color.


If businesses aim to develop chicken-flavored products but lack the resources for research and development (R&D), WIN Flavor can provide assistance. Our experienced team of experts will meet all your needs and help you create breakthrough formulas.