Lemon flavor in powder form, extracted from natural ingredients, with a thick and round fragrance structure that preserves the aroma and distinct taste of fresh lemons.

Distinctive features of lemon powder flavor: It has a natural and characteristic lemon flavor and exhibits good heat resistance.

Applications of lemon powder flavor in food: It is used in various food products such as baked goods, confectionery, beverages, or dishwashing liquids.

Existing lemon-flavored products in the global and Vietnamese markets include CC Lemon, Fanta Lemon (Coca-Cola), Lipton Lemon, 7Up, Sprite (PepsiCo). With its mild sourness, refreshing taste, and gentle aroma, lemon-flavored products continue to be a popular cooling and refreshing solution, particularly suitable for Vietnamese consumers.

Considerations when using lemon flavor: Store in a dry, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, at room temperature of 25°C.

Advantages of lemon powder flavor at MQ Flavor: It offers an authentic and diverse lemon taste profile and demonstrates good heat resistance. The formulation is researched by experts in food flavoring, maximizing the advantages of natural flavors. The product holds quality certifications, including origin certification, and is imported from leading food flavor houses worldwide such as France, Belgium, the United States, and South Korea, etc.

MQ International (MQ Flavors & Nature Extracts) is a leading research and development (R&D) partner in the food and beverage (F&B) industry in the Vietnamese market.

MQFlavor is a premium supplier of imported food flavor from European countries, the United States, South Korea, Singapore, and Hong Kong, etc.

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