At WIN Flavor, in addition to the familiar and often-appearing flavors in life, this unit also provides many salty flavors specialized for dishes. The most prominent is the thick beef flavor. Follow the article below to know more about this fragrance.


1. About beef flavor paste

Beef Flavor (also known as Beef Paste Flavor) is extracted from natural ingredients from beef, with a thick, round flavor structure that retains the characteristic, aromatic flavor of beef.,

For this flavoring, although it has gone through many stages of processing, the beef flavoring products do not lose their original nutrients like B vitamins such as (B3, B5, B6, B12) and protein with other ingredients. other fat.


Beef flavoring is widely used in the F&B industry

2. Uses of beef flavor paste

For those who have not used beef paste or even have used it for a long time, they may still not know its real uses and applications, how beneficial it is to health and life. human. Stay tuned for the following information!

Beef flavor in the form of a paste helps to create a natural aroma and stimulates the senses. Normally, food flavorings made from cows will have a natural dark red to brown color, so when you use them in a certain dose, they will produce a very beautiful and attractive color that attracts people’s eyes.

This thick beef seasoning is the package of beef marinade that you can easily find at grocery stores or supermarkets. They are often used mainly to color dishes, create eye-catching, and stimulate consumers.

3. Application of beef flavor paste

Although beef flavor is not as diverse as other natural flavors, this is the biggest success in the food industry.