Natural Salted Lemon Flavor is extracted and synthesized from natural raw materials, with a thick aroma structure and a round flavor that retains the characteristic fragrance and taste of salted lemon.

Prominent characteristics: Salted lemon flavor has a characteristic aroma and good heat resistance.

Applications of salted lemon flavor: Beverages, candy, etc.

Products with salted lemon flavor on the market: ICY salted lemon drink, Number 1 salted lemon drink, Sanest Khanh Hoa salted lemon drink, Thach Bich salted lemon drink, Revive salted lemon drink, 24h Friend salted lemon drink, Danh Thanh salted lemon drink, Leo salted lemon drink, Japanese salted lemon candy, Hai Ha salted lemon candy, etc.

Trends of salted lemon flavor in the world and Vietnam: Salted lemon is a familiar type of beverage around the world that helps to purify the body and provide effective hydration. The salted lemon beverage industry is constantly developing.

Note when using salted lemon flavor: Store in a dry, cool place, avoid direct sunlight, and keep at room temperature of 77 °F.

Advantages of natural salted lemon flavor at MQ International (MQ Flavors & Nature Extracts): It is one of the highest-quality food flavorings of MQ, with a natural salted lemon flavor that meets the standard of natural salted lemon and has good heat resistance. Consulted by leading experts in food flavoring tomaximize the advantages of natural flavoring, certified for quality and natural food flavoring, imported from leading natural flavoring manufacturers in the world such as France, Belgium, USA, South Korea, etc.

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