“Cốm” is a gift from nature to the land of Hanoi, and every autumn, its fragrance permeates every alleyway in the city, captivating the hearts of its people. This article will provide some basic information about “cốm,” a natural flavoring that is popular today.


1. Introduction to “cốm”

“Cốm” is a flavoring made from ripe glutinous rice that has been roasted and husked, and is commonly found in many regions throughout Vietnam, but is particularly popular in the cuisine of the Northern Delta, especially in Hanoi.

The main ingredient for making “cốm” is young glutinous rice, but some areas also use mature rice. There are many different types of glutinous rice used to make “cốm,” including “lương phượng” rice, “hương” rice, “tan” rice, “quýt” rice, “hoa” rice, and “cái hoa vàng” rice, which all produce a special and delicious end product. After the rice is harvested, it is cleaned, roasted, and prepared.


2. Uses of “cốm”

2.1. Good for digestion

“Cốm” is rich in fiber, making it good for digestion and treating bloating, constipation, and intestinal problems (though it should be eaten in moderation and not too much).

2.2. Good for people with heart disease and high blood pressure

According to nutritionexperts, “cốm” contains fiber, protein, vitamins, and other nutrients that help prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and lower cholesterol levels, preventing arterial plaque buildup and reducing pressure on the heart for better overall health.


2.3. Effective for weight loss

“Cốm” contains a lot of fiber, which helps to reduce appetite and make you feel full for longer. It can be eaten for breakfast or lunch instead of high-calorie foods if you want to lose weight.

3. Applications of “cốm”

Roasted or dried “cốm” is used to make many delicious and special dishes, including:

3.1. In food preparation

3.1.1. “Cốm” sweet soup

“Cốm” sweet soup is a popular dish in Vietnam. It is a special dessert with high nutritional value, refreshing and detoxifying the body.


3.1.2. “Cốm” cakes

“Cốm” cakes have long been a unique cultural feature of Vietnamese weddings. With the characteristic aroma of the northern countryside, they are sure to captivate guests with their unique taste.


3.1.3. “Cốm” milk

“Cốm” milk is a popular and beloved drink among Vietnamese people. With its sweet and creamy flavor and refreshing aroma, it is also rich in nutrients, helping to strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent high blood pressure.

3.2. In industry

Inaddition to its use in food preparation, “cốm” is also used as a natural fragrance in various industries, such as paint. Its natural and sweet aroma makes it a popular choice for enhancing the quality of products.


4. Where to buy “cốm”

Choosing high-quality “cốm” for food production is not an easy task, as there are many suppliers in the market. Therefore, it is important to research and find a reputable supplier to ensure the quality and stability of the flavoring during the production process.

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This article and images are compiled by WIN Flavor