Rice flavor is a very familiar flavoring in Vietnamese cuisine, with a distinctive aroma derived from rice that is incredibly captivating. Today, let’s explore this food flavoring with WIN Flavor through the following article.


1. Introduction

Rice is a type of ingredient and staple food obtained from the rice plant. Rice grains are typically white, brown, or dark red in color and contain various nutrients. Rice grains are the inner part of paddy rice after being milled to remove the husk. From rice, we can create dishes such as bread, rice cakes, etc. Rice flavor is no longer unfamiliar, it is a distinctive taste derived from roasted rice, sweet and rich, giving us a sense of peace and gentleness.


2. Uses

Although rice grains are small, they have numerous highly nutritious properties. According to research, rice contains important nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, fiber, various minerals (mainly calcium and phosphorus), as well as vitamins B1, B2, B6, and PP. Therefore, rice has excellent benefits for health and beauty, particularly in cleaning household items. Here are some uses of rice.

2.1. Cleaning bottles and jars

Cleaning tall and narrow bottles can be challenging with regular cleaning tools. However, you can simply take 1-2 tablespoons of raw rice and pour them into the bottle/jar. Then, add some warm water to the dishwashing water and shake vigorously to let the rice reach every corner of the container. Rinse with clean water afterward. The dirt and dust adhering to the inner surfaces of the bottle or jar will be removed.

2.2. Moisture absorption for phones

If your phone gets wet after being dropped in water and you cannot immediately have it repaired, you can use a home moisture absorption method for your phone as follows: Remove the phone battery and place both the phone and battery in a container of Vietnamese rice flavor. The rice will absorb moisture from the phone. You can also apply this method to watches.


2.3. Odor removal for coffee grinders or spice mills

Rice has the ability to absorb moisture and odors quite effectively. It can remove odors from coffee or spices that remain on the grinder or mill. To eliminate odors, simply pour rice into the grinder or mill and run it until the rice turns into powder. The coffee or spice odors adhering to the grinder or mill will be eliminated. You can also utilize the rice powder after grinding for beauty purposes, such as mixing it with coconut oil or olive oil for massage, exfoliation, or facial masks.

2.4. Moisture absorption and prevention of ulcers

Rice tea has a special property of moisture absorption, helping to soothe the intestines and treat itchy skin inflammation. Rice bran is also rich in vitamins and minerals, which can prevent and treat oral ulcers.

2.5. Blood pressure regulation

Rice tea has the ability to lower blood pressure and promote metabolism, making it considered a food that helps treat diseases caused by poor eating habits.


2.6. Weight reduction

Rice tea is also a good source of nutrition for the body, with its highest nutrient content and extremely low calorie content. It is rich in vitamin C, B2, B6, helps reduce fat, cleanse the intestines, enhance metabolism, and protect the digestive system.

3. Applications

3.1. Making various types of cakes

This is also the main use of rice flavor powder. It is used to make various sweet cakes and pastries. Notable examples include sticky rice cakes, soft cakes, sweet fried cakes, steamed rice cakes, and tapioca cakes. Therefore, it is a familiar ingredient widely used in making snacks and desserts.


3.2. Using rice flour to make pho noodles

You may not know that our pho noodles are also made from rice flour. Through various processing steps, rice flour creates long and delicious pho noodles. This allows you to prepare delicious pho dishes.

3.3. Making rice vermicelli noodles

In addition to pho, another use of rice flavor powder is to make rice vermicelli noodles. The chewy and fragrant vermicelli noodles are made from high-quality rice flour. The quality of the rice used greatly affects the taste of the noodles.


4. Where to buy

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The article and images are compiled by WIN Flavor.