Lotus Seeds Milk Flavor: The lotus seeds milk flavor is extracted and synthesized from natural lotus seeds, with a fragrant, full-bodied, and distinctive aroma of lotus seeds milk.

Key distinctive features: The lotus seeds milk flavor has an authentic and enduring aroma, and it exhibits good heat resistance.

Applications of lotus seeds milk flavor: Milk, powdered beverages, cakes, etc.

Market presence of products made from lotus seeds milk flavor: Tami lotus seeds milk, Liên Hoa lotus seeds milk, Mekong xanh lotus seeds milk, Bich Chi glutinous rice and lotus seeds powder, Bich Chi soybean and lotus seeds powder, Viet Ngu Coc oatmeal with lotus seeds, Kinh Đô mooncakes with lotus seeds, etc.

Global and Vietnamese trends regarding natural lotus seeds milk flavor: Lotus seeds milk is a highly beneficial food for health, treating insomnia, headaches, and promoting brain function. With its health benefits, lotus seeds-based products are undoubtedly the top choice for consumers.

Considerations when using lotus seeds milk flavor: Store in a dry, well-ventilated place, away from direct sunlight, at room temperature of 25°C.

Advantages of lotus seeds milk flavor at MQFlavor: The lotus seeds milk flavor has a distinct and natural fragrance, with good heat resistance. The formula is researched by experts in food flavor to maximize the advantages of natural flavor. The product is accompanied by quality certification and certificates of origin, sourced from leading global food flavor houses such as France, Belgium, the United States, South Korea, etc.

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