With its sweet and attractive aroma and shiny golden color, corn milk flavoris widely applied in processing and production by F&B businesses. Especially with the trend of consuming products that are good for health, this flavor is increasingly favored. Let’s explore the extraction from corn in the following article with Win Flavor!


Corn milk flavor- From familiar ingredients to unique flavors for every dish

1. Overview of corn milk flavor

Corn is a familiar food/grain in Asian cuisine in general and Vietnamese cuisine in particular. It is a starchy grain used to make various popular foods and beverages. In addition to boiled corn, roasted corn, grilled corn, and enticing snacks, corn milk is also a beloved beverage. These formulas are all delicious and nutritious due to the many health benefits of this grain.
Extracted from the natural components of this grain, corn-based flavoring has a rich flavor structure, sweet and gentle aroma, and retains its distinctive fragrance. This product has the ability to lead and persuade the taste buds of even the most discerning customers. Furthermore, with its natural yellow color and good heat resistance, it meets all production needs of businesses.

Extracting flavor from corn differs from extracting from the kernel. If the kernel is used, the corn kernels are separated from the cob, and then a knife is used to scrape the naked kernel so that the milk is naturally released. This liquid form of flavor extraction contains starch, with a delicate sweetness and perfect texture, enhancing the rich flavor of the dish. This extract can be flexibly used in many processing recipes, from soups to salad dressings, corn cakes, and other savory dishes.

On the contrary, liquid corn flavor is extracted by boiling and simmering separated corn kernels until natural sweetness is released. Both methods create a product with a dense flavor structure, preserving the distinctive aroma and perfect texture.

In particular, both powdered and liquid forms of this flavor easily blend with other ingredients, creating a perfect aroma. Its gentle and sweet fragrance helps balance the salty and sour taste in savory dishes and adds a subtle richness to other desserts. If you want a food item with a jelly-like texture, simply increase the ratio of powdered corn extract to achieve the desired result.


2. Benefits of corn silk scent

2.1. Applications of sweet corn flavor

  • Daily life applications

Its mild sweetness helps balance the salty and sour taste in processing recipes. Therefore, the natural aroma of corn easily blends with other ingredients, adding richness to everyday dishes.

Corn is also present in soup, broth, hot pot, and in flavoring recipes for making salad dressings, marinades for meat, etc.


Corn neutralizes flavors, making hot pot and savory dishes more delicious.

  • Adds a creamy richness to desserts

Due to its characteristic aroma and quality, corn milk at Win Flavor is the key to enhancing a sweet and creamy flavor in desserts. Businesses can adjust the concentration and sweetness of the corn to suit the final product and customers’ preferences.

Food-grade milk flavor is an important ingredient that enhances the sweet and creamy flavor in desserts. Especially in cake and tea recipes, this flavoring ingredient will make the product more appealing in terms of taste and sensory experience. Additionally, to make your daily coffee or smoothie more flavorful, you can also use this ingredient in your recipes.


Corn milk flavor is a common component in Donut, cream puff, and cake recipes.

2.2. Application of Corn Milk Flavor in Food Production

Products with these flavors have become popular in the market, such as Thai Duong corn candy, Bibica corn candy, LIF corn milk, Thai Son corn milk, etc. With the increasing demand for natural and healthy products, many businesses have used corn milk flavor to stay ahead of market trends.

  • Flavoring Agents in Milk and Cream Production

The use of food flavors in dairy and cream products has long been favored by consumers worldwide. Flavoring agents in milk or butter enhance the aroma, taste, and attractive color.

With its prominent color and rich creamy sweetness, corn milk flavor is definitely a perfect combination for sterilized milk, yogurt, drinking yogurt, flan, cheese, and more.

  • Flavoring Agents in Beverage Production

According to surveys, there are about 1,800 beverage manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, with an annual growth rate of 6-7%. The strong development of this market has driven the demand for food flavor sources in the industry.
Alongside familiar flavors like cherry, lemon, mango, strawberry, green tea, the corn milk flavor will certainly offer a fresher choice and be preferred by consumers.


The increasing demand for natural and healthy products

  • Canned Food Production

In today’s fast-paced life, people have less time for eating, drinking, and leisure activities. Many people tend to opt for convenient foods such as instant noodles and canned goods.

These products cannot be separated from savory seasonings and perfect combinations with other flavors, such as the flavor of corn milk. These flavoring agents can be used to make powder and liquid flavors for instant noodles, snacks, and canned foods.


The flavor of milk can soon appear in spice powder packets, enhancing the deliciousness of the food.

  • Application in Confectionery Production

To create delicious flavors for confectionery, milk flavor is an essential ingredient. Especially in the fiercely competitive market today, F&B businesses need to introduce new flavors to keep up with trends and lead the market.

Nowadays, health products are more sought after than ever. Therefore, corn milk flavor is a top choice, helping to create rich and appealing flavors while meeting health requirements.


These products cannot be separated from savory seasonings and perfect combinations with other flavors.

3. Where to Buy High-Quality Corn Milk Flavor

Currently, there are many brands producing this type of flavor and launching them in the market at various price ranges. The average price for liquid form is around 40,000 – 180,000 VND, and for powder form, it ranges from 50,000 – 200,000 VND.

However, you need to distinguish between high-quality products and low-quality products produced from synthetic chemicals. Some artificial flavoring agents can easily create similar aromas. This can have a negative impact on consumer health.

If you are looking for natural corn milk flavor, contact Win Flavor for the highest quality source at the most competitive price. The advantages of the product are its authentic corn taste, rich and rounded flavor structure, and good heat resistance. The product will help F&B businesses produce products with a strong and attractive aroma and color.

We are also a partner of major enterprises in the research and development of products. Our formula is researched by top food flavor experts, maximizing the benefits of natural flavors. We always prioritize consumer health, so you can have complete confidence in the quality and safety of our products!


Contact Win Flavor for the highest quality source at the most competitive price.

In general, corn is an important flavoring agent in the food processing industry due to its diverse applications. However, consumer trends are shifting towards healthier food options, making natural corn milk flavor the top choice for businesses today. If you need a reliable source of high-quality flavoring agents, contact Win Flavor today for the fastest!

The article and images are compiled by WIN Flavor.