“Melon Flavor – Melon Flavor is extracted from the natural ingredients of natural fresh cantaloupe, with a thick, round flavor structure that retains the characteristic, aromatic flavor of natural fresh cantaloupe.

Outstanding features of cantaloupe flavor: fresh cantaloupe flavor is very natural, good heat resistance.

Application of pineapple flavor net: Beverage, cake, candy, milk,….

Products from cantaloupe flavor are available in the market: Binggrae Melon Flavored Milk Drink, Malibu Island Melon Flavor, Long Thanh Fresh Melon Milk, Pororo Watermelon Flavor, Sangaria Melon Flavored Soft Drink, Uha Kororo Flavored marshmallows melon,…

Trends of natural cantaloupe flavor in the world and in Vietnam: natural fresh cantaloupe is a very healthy fruit, anti-oxidant and anti-aging, heart-protective, good for the digestive system and anti-lost water, beneficial for people with diabetes, in addition to beautiful skin. Cantaloupe is a very familiar fruit to Vietnamese people, produced on an industrial scale makes the use of this nutritious food quick, compact and maximizes the nutritional value of the product.

Note when using cantaloupe: store in a cool, dry place, avoid direct sunlight, room temperature 25 degrees Celsius.

Advantages of cantaloupe flavor at MQFlavor: true fresh cantaloupe flavor of natural fresh cantaloupe, good heat resistance. The formula is researched by experts in food flavoring to help maximize the advantages of natural flavors, quality certificates and certificates of origin, origin, products are imported from real flavor houses. leading products in the world such as France, Belgium, USA, Korea, etc.

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MQFlavor is a supplier of high-grade food flavorings imported from Europe, America, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong,…

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