Pandan extract is considered one of the key flavors, which enhances the taste and sensory appeal of food. Unlike other synthetic flavors, this product is completely natural and safe for consumers’ health. Let’s explore this product with WIN


Flavor in the following article!

1. Introduction to flavor

1.1. Origin

Pandan leaves essence is a type of flavoring extracted from the essential oil of pineapple leaves (also known as pandan leaves), which has a very natural and refreshing aroma. Unlike synthetic flavor derived from non-natural sources, this product is made 100% from fresh pandan leaves, resulting in a delicate flavor and color.

1.2. Pandan leaf’s penetration in Vietnamese daily life

Fresh pandan has been a familiar taste in Vietnamese cuisine since ancient times. Pandan sticky rice has become a childhood dish closely associated with the memories of many Vietnamese people. Nowadays, as the flavor industry continues to develop, products derived from pandan leaves have become more popular. They help save time and effort in food preparation while ensuring distinctive flavors and aromas.

In restaurant cuisine, this pandan leaves essence is used in vegetarian desserts. Additionally, F&B businesses apply it in their production processes. There are various pineapple leaf-based products available on the market, such as Thien Hoang pandan bird’s nest, Thanh Binh pandan-flavored coconut candy, esrshay rolls, and 3K agar-agar powder.


1.3. Flavor characteristics, structure, and sensory perception

Fresh and natural aroma:

  • Pandan leaves have a very natural, gentle, and refreshing aroma. This outstanding characteristic makes them popular in many Vietnamese households and renowned restaurants.
  • The natural freshness in the aroma of pineapple leaves evokes a cool and intimate feeling with nature. It is a unique feature that not all flavors possess.

Stimulating olfactory and gustatory senses:

  • Another prominent feature of natural pandan leaves flavor is its ability to stimulate human olfactory and gustatory senses.
  • The subtle and pure fragrance of this leaf creates a special sensation, making diners want to savor the food immediately.

Awakening the enticing flavor of dishes:

  • Pandan leaves not only have a fresh and refreshing aroma but also contribute to the vibrant colors of dishes. This characteristic makes this flavoring widely used in savory and dessert dishes.

1.4. Product characteristics

Pandan leaves extract and powder can be considered the best substitutes for fresh pineapple leaves in the F&B industry. These products are easy to store and have a longer shelf life compared to fresh leaves. Made from 100% natural pandan leaves, this flavor retains a rich flavor structure and the characteristic aroma. Furthermore, pandan leaves water has good heat resistance and completely dissolves in water, making it easy to apply in processing and production. When using natural flavors, businesses can have full confidence in the quality and safety for consumers’ health.


2. Applications

2.1. In restaurants and eateries:

Not only in Vietnam, but dishes made from pandan leaves extract have also become familiar in the culinary cultures of China, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other Southeast Asian countries. Particularly, they are commonly used in preparing traditional dishes such as sticky rice, pudding, steamed buns, and more.

For the familiar pandan leaves sticky rice, you just need to add pandan leaves essence while soaking glutinous rice. Then, wait until the rice expands and takes on an attractive green color. Similarly, for other savory dishes, this ingredient will make the preparation and cooking process easier and quicker.

In the trend of vegetarian desserts, pandan leaves extract is a popular flavor. Specifically:

  • Pandan leaves ice cream: The mild and vibrant green color of this dish is created by the natural pandan leaves essence. Its gentle, sweet, and refreshing flavor is loved by many people, making it an appealing dessert in restaurants.
  • Pandan leaves pudding: It is usually made from various ingredients such as fresh milk, condensed milk, young coconut, and pandan leaves jelly, which are rich in nutrients and particularly suitable for quenching thirst in the summer.
  • Pandan leaves drink: With its mild and pleasant aroma and impressive color, pandan leaves contribute to the taste and aesthetic appeal of this beverage.
  • Pandan leaves jelly: This is a refreshing dessert loved by many Vietnamese families. With the natural essence extracted from fresh pandan leaves, housewives can easily make this dish to treat their whole family.


2.2. In the production of processed consumer goods:

In the current market, there are many types of candies and sweets produced from pandan leaves with attractive aromas and colors. Furthermore, this flavoring is also used in seasonings and sauces to enhance the taste and aesthetic appeal of dishes.

Canned food products are supplemented with a cool and fragrant taste from fresh pandan leaves, stimulating consumers’ taste buds. Particularly for large-scale production companies, the use of pandan leaves flavor ensures a stable supply and easy preservation.

3. Cost of Pandan Leaves Extract Ingredients

Currently, there are many suppliers in the market offering this product at various price segments. The price ranges from approximately 100,000 to 150,000 VND for 5ml. You can find the flavoring at supermarkets, local grocery stores, or order it online through e-commerce platforms.

However, for production businesses, it is advisable to thoroughly research the suppliers of raw materials. Ensuring the quality of pandan leaves flavoring will result in high-quality products with excellent taste and aesthetic appeal.


4. Where to Buy Pandan Leaves Extract Ingredients

This is a question that many people ask, especially those in the foodservice industry who require multiple input ingredients. Currently, there are numerous addresses selling this product, but which ones are reputable suppliers that guarantee the quality and safety of your products?

If you want high-quality and health-compliant food products, you should purchase products extracted in large, reputable factories. The pandan leaves extract must meet safety standards and retain the refreshing taste, mild fragrance, and unique green color of pandan leaves.

WIN Flavor is a reliable choice for Vietnamese food and beverage businesses seeking high-quality natural ingredients and flavors. Pandan leaves flavoring must have a delicate and pleasant fragrance, extracted using the most advanced technology to preserve the natural taste. The aroma structure should be rich, round, and natural, not inferior to fresh pandan leaves.

This is also the standard that WIN Flavor sets for pandan leaves extract products. We always utilize extraction formulas developed by leading experts in the flavor industry to create products that retain the original natural flavor, are easy to use, and preserve well.

Therefore, if your business is looking to purchase pandan leaves flavoring, WIN Flavor is ready to become your top partner. We not only focus on investing in high-quality and safe products but also support the R&D process, helping businesses create the most unique processing formulas!


WIN Flavor is a reliable choice for Vietnamese food and beverage businesses.

With its cooling effect, delicate fragrance, and vibrant green color, pandan leaves extract evokes the rich traditional flavors of Vietnam. Nowadays, the F&B market increasingly applies the outstanding characteristics of this product in processing and production. If your business aims to develop new products using pandan leaves flavoring, contact WIN Flavor today for prompt consultation!

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