Green tea is made from the buds of tea plants that have not undergone withering and oxidation processes. Green tea flavor has long been regarded as a nutritious beverage that brings numerous benefits to the body.

Therefore, as the demand for products such as green tea-based drinks and snacks increases while the supply of green tea is limited, it has created a basis for the development of green tea flavor to meet customer needs.


Green tea flavor has become popular in the market.

1. Introduction to green tea flavor

Green tea has long been recognized as a very good and healthy beverage that provides many health benefits. However, fresh and pure green tea may not be available everywhere, and long-distance transportation can cause the leaves to wither and deteriorate.

Therefore, products such as beverages and snacks are supplemented with green tea flavor to enhance their taste and aroma.


Green tea flavor is a popular flavor in the F&B industry.

2. Functions of green tea flavor

Green tea helps reduce the number of harmful bacteria in the body. It has particularly anti-inflammatory properties and helps prevent chronic diseases. Green tea contains well-known active compounds such as EGCG and Aztreonam, which have the ability to reduce antibiotic-resistant bacteria, making it easier to eliminate bacteria.

Green tea has the function of reducing the risk of cancer, as it contains antioxidants that help the body eliminate harmful factors causing cancer. The antioxidant components in green tea can also protect cells from destruction related to cancer.
Moreover, consuming foods and beverages related to green tea can prevent cardiovascular diseases and reduce cholesterol levels, thereby reducing the risk of stroke. Additionally, green tea helps prevent cell damage and enhances the recovery process of cardiac cells.

Furthermore, using green tea flavor helps maintain stable blood pressure, especially for middle-aged and elderly individuals. Some studies suggest that green tea is beneficial for improving and reducing blood sugar levels. It also strengthens the immune system, making the body more resilient against infections.


Green tea flavor brings many health benefits.

3. Applications of green tea flavor

Green tea products are widely applied and used in the market, such as green tea beverages, Thai green tea milk tea, green tea-flavored candies, green tea cakes, etc.

Products made with green tea flavor have excellent health benefits for consumers, not only helping to maintain a healthy and beautiful figure but also promoting smooth and radiant skin. Therefore, the green tea beverage industry is growing worldwide, including in Vietnam, and is expected to continue booming in the future.

This flavor should be stored in well-ventilated places, avoiding direct sunlight. It is preferable to store it at room temperature of 25°C.


The sweet bakery market has also become more vibrant thanks to green tea flavor.

4. Where to buy high-quality and reputable green tea flavor?

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