Jasmine flavor has a pleasant scent that is loved by many. Not only that, but the use of lai flowers also brings many health benefits. Let’s explore this flavor ingredient with WIN Flavor through the following article.


Jasmine flavor has a pleasant scent that is loved by many.

1. Introduction to jasmine flavor

Jasmine flavor is used as a flavor for food and related industries in the food industry. It is most commonly used in the food industry to enhance the flavor of tea, pastries, chewing gum, soft drinks, etc.

This flavor ingredient has the function of creating a very natural fragrance for products, stimulating the appetite of users, and adding attractiveness to the product. Particularly, this aroma does not affect the color or state of the used product. In addition, the use of lai aroma saves production costs.

2. Applications of jasmine flavor

Jasmine flavor at WIN Flavor has outstanding advantages that readers can refer to. The taste of this flavoring is accurate, not overpowering, with a natural aroma and high heat resistance. Researched by experts in food flavoring, the aroma in food is very natural.

The remarkable feature of jasmines is their distinctive natural scent, which is pleasant and subtly refreshing to users. Moreover, this flavor ingredient has good heat resistance and a long-lasting aroma in food.

The application of jasmine flavor is often used to make tea, pastries, various beverages, etc. Additionally, jasmine tea flavor is also used to produce various types of ice cream, hand sanitizers, tissue papers, wet wipes, etc. It is recommended to use

lai aroma at a concentration of 0.2-0.5% to achieve a moderate fragrance.

Products with jasmine flavor have a wide presence in the market. Jasmine tea flavor is commonly found in all coffee shops or milk tea shops, as it is a beverage with a scent that is highly favored by users.


The application of jasmine flavor is often used to make tea

3. Benefits of jasmine flavor

Currently, enjoying jasmine tea has become a special trend among young people worldwide, including Vietnam. Jasmine tea is a very beneficial beverage for the body, helping us maintain a youthful figure.

Studies have shown that there is a correlation between the consumption of jasmine tea and the reduction of fat cells in the body, which can lead to better weight loss results. Additionally, maintaining a healthy and active body requires a scientific and reasonable diet, which is essential.

Moreover, drinking jasmine tea also helps improve the skin and has excellent anti-aging properties. With the current development of society, jasmine tea and jasmine milk tea are booming industries and are expected to thrive in the future.

Jasmine flavor should be stored in well-ventilated places, avoiding direct sunlight. It is best to keep it at room temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and out of reach of children.


Jasmine Tea – The Beverage of Elegance

4. Where to buy reputable jasmine flavor?

In particular, the aroma derived from jasmine flowers at WIN Flavor has been certified by the Ministry of Health for safety and product quality. It is certified for its origin and exclusive imports from top food flavoring houses in the world, such as

Belgium, France, South Korea, and the United States.

In addition to jasmine flavor powder, the company also provides a variety of other food flavoring ingredients, such as pandan flavor, peach flavor powder, vanilla, etc. Therefore, you can fully trust and feel at ease when using products from WIN Flavor.

Where to buy jasmine flavor is a challenging question for those who are stepping into the F&B market. However, with the assistance of WIN Flavor, you will find the appropriate answer to this puzzling question. For any inquiries, please contact our hotline directly for the most detailed explanations.

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