With the rapid growth in demand for black tea, many manufacturers of black tea extract have emerged in the market.

However, when traders choose black tea flavor products, they need to preserve the inherent characteristics of this type of tea. With years of experience in tea and black tea production, WIN Flavor will provide you with all the basic information about black tea extract through this article.


1. What do you know about black tea extract?

1.1. What is black tea extract?

Black tea extract is extracted from the natural components of black tea – one of the herbs with high antioxidant properties that help retain the fresh and delicious flavor, completely soluble in water, and preserve many nutritional and medicinal properties of black tea. Therefore, this extract is widely used in the production of pharmaceuticals, functional foods, and tea-based supplements such as beverages, cakes, cosmetics, masks, etc.

Black tea, according to the Chinese classification, is called “Hong tea.” It is a type of fully oxidized fermented tea made from the leaves of the tea plant, giving the tea leaves a black color. In recent years, black tea extract has become more popular in some Asian countries. Not only because of its delicious flavor but also due to its health benefits such as weight loss and cancer prevention. Moreover, black tea also provides beauty and refreshing effects for the skin.

1.2. Distinguishing characteristics

Black tea is a perennial plant that grows as a bush or small tree. It is usually pruned to a height of less than 2 meters to harvest the leaves. The length of tea leaves ranges from 4 to 15 cm, with a width of about 2 to 5 cm. All tea leaves are fully oxidized and fermented, giving them a black color. Black tea is a type of tea that retains its caffeine content (in reality, a cup of black tea contains about 25 to 100 mg of caffeine).


1.3. Nutritional components in black tea

Black tea extract is rich in antioxidant compounds called polyphenols and has low levels of sodium, protein, and carbohydrates. Black tea contains various nutrients that support weight loss, burn belly fat, prevent cardiovascular diseases, and benefit the skin and hair, among others. Therefore, products derived from black tea and black tea extracts are expected to be a future trend in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

2. Uses of black tea extract

2.1. Body detoxification support

Black tea is rich in antioxidant compounds that help eliminate free radicals. These antioxidants tend to alter DNA and interfere with the normal functioning of cells. This can lead to inflammation and skin damage, resulting in stress, fatigue, and rough skin. Black tea extract helps eliminate oxidative free radicals, thereby assisting in body detoxification, restoring the normal functions of cells and the body. Additionally, the polyphenols in the extract enhance the body’s immune system.


2.2. Improvement of eye bags and reduction of under-eye dark circles

Puffy eyes are a major concern for both women and men. They can make us look tired, and the skin under the eyes is prone to dark circles and early wrinkles. Soak a cotton pad in cold black tea extract and place it under the eyes for 20 minutes every day. You will notice a significant reduction in eye bags and dark circles after a few weeks.

2.3. Slowing down the aging process

The antioxidants and polyphenols in tea protect your skin from premature aging and the formation of wrinkles. Scientists have discovered that black tea reduces the production of collagen-degrading enzymes. This slows down the aging process and increases the elasticity of the skin. Furthermore, black tea is more effective in combating wrinkles compared to other types of tea.

2.4. Achieving even-toned and smooth skin

Black tea extract contains vitamins B2, C, and E, as well as minerals like magnesium, potassium, and zinc, along with essential polyphenols and tannins that nourish the skin. It helps eliminate pigmentation on the skin, restoring a smooth and radiant complexion. Moreover, herbal baths with black tea can provide antioxidants to the skin and protect it from ultraviolet rays such as sunlight and electronic devices.


3. Applications of black tea extract in beauty

In addition to its consumption as a beverage, black tea extract is also used in cosmetics, functional foods, and confectionery. The tannin content in black tea has a significant impact on the skin.

This ultra-hydrating and pore-tightening black tea face mask has a smooth foamy texture that moisturizes, softens, smoothens, and brightens the skin. Other products made from black tea are used for sunburn treatment, antioxidant protection, and anti-aging effects on the skin.

Black tea extract-based eye creams are applied to reduce dark circles, eye bags, and wrinkles. The fast-absorbing eye cream helps eliminate eye bags and reduces signs of aging, leaving the skin around the eyes smooth and youthful.

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