Fruit Puree: A fruit puree is similar to a fruit juice in that it is extracted from a fruit by a mechanical process. But a puree is different from juice in that it contains fruit pulp and is thicker than juice. Purees have the characteristic color, aroma and flavors of the fruits they come from. Deseeded strawberry puree is a puree from strawberries that is filtered to remove the seeds.

Fruit Concentrate: Juice is the liquid that is naturally contained in fruits and vegetables. It is prepared by crushing or squeezing fresh fruits or vegetables in order to obtain their natural liquids and sometimes also to obtain some of the pulp that remains after crushing or squeezing. In some cases, juices are added to a beverage to enhance its color. Some examples of juices used primarily for their colors are purple sweet potato juice or purple carrot juice. In other cases juices are used to add flavor and/or sweetness. Juice or vegetable concentrates are made by removing water from a fruit or vegetable juice. One benefit of producing a concentrate is that it makes a more intense form of the flavors and sweetness naturally found in juices. Making a concentrate also reduces the weight and volume for transportation of ingredients. If a fruit or vegetable juice is reconstituted from a juice concentrate the amount of water that can be added to make it equivalent to the natural fruit juice is regulated by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

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