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  1. What products MQ International are distributing?

MQ International specialize in importing and distributing food flavors, natural flavors, natural extracts, natural powders ( (tea powders, vanilla powders, cocoa powders, fruit powders, vegetable powders) and fruit concentrates.

  1. Where are our company products imported from?

Our products are imported from reputed manufacturers in France, Belgium, Spain, US, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Taiwan,…

  1. Do MQ International consult products to customers?

Yes. Consulting products is our strength, we always update new market trends and concept product ideas in order to give customers good advices on their projects.  

  1. Do MQ International support free samples?

Yes. MQ International will send free sample to customers after understanding customers’ need. Our purpose is to choose the most suitable samples for their product idea, and we look forward to receiving feedbacks from customers.

  1. Do MQ International implement new projects with customers?

Yes. MQ International have product research and development team who can support customers to develop project ideas. After understanding customers’ needs, our team can support to develop and adjust new products until they are completely launched in to the market.   

  1. Do MQ International adjust flavor according to customers’ requirements.

Yes. MQ International cooperate with flavorists and scientists of our flavor houses to support customers on technical issues and adjust flavors suitable for their exact requirements. The producing processes and technologies of our flavor houses are the latest and optimized to be environmental friendly, that allows us to create the most prestigious, innovative, effective and stable flavors.

  1. How is delivery time after order received?  

Items which are available in stock, delivery time is within 3-4 days after completing order procedure.

Items which are not available in stock, delivery time is:

+ about 2-3 weeks via air transport

+ about 4-8 weeks via sea transport

  1. What certificates do you have for your products?

For per specific product, MQ International can supply following certificates:

– Quality Announcement

– ISO 22000





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