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Everything we do for Customer's Success, FIRSTLY
MQ International are supplier of flavors and food ingredients imported from famous producers and providers in Germany, France, Belgium, USA, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China…

We focus on providing best services and highest quality products, bases on safe and natural ingredients. Our mission is to become a prestige and reliable partner of supplying the most focused and quickest services with managed quality products to foodstuff and beverage companies in Vietnam market.

MQ International also invest in product research and development. We cooperate closely with our manufacturers to work for R&D and to support customers. At present, MQ International have developed and supplied a wide range of natural flavors, organic tea powders, natural fruit and plant extracts, fruit pure, fruit concentrate, and other food ingredients.

“Everything we do for Customer’s Success, FIRSTLY” is our Motto which guides us in all of our operations and making decisions. At MQ International, we always think for Customer Firstly, seek to build long-lasting and value-adding partnerships with our customers in providing fully support needed in achieving our customers’ goals.


  • Natural Flavor
  • Sweet Flavor
  • Savoury Flavor
  • Natural Extract
  • Natural Powder
  • Fruit Concentrate

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